Individual Dessert Pricing

+Pre-ordered Desserts must be ordered in increments of 2 dozen,
(1 dozen for standard size cupcakes and French Macarons per flavor choice). 
*Desserts can also be purchased from our retail menu during retail hours (minimal quantities available). 
*Prices vary due to selected flavor and seasonal availability

Standard $3;00 each, Deluxe $3.25 each, Filling +.25

Mini Cupcakes: 
$1.25 each, Deluxe $1.40 each (fillings range from .25-.50 each)

French Macarons:
$2.00 - $2.15 (additional for hand painted accents)

Mousse Bombes:
2" Mini $3.25 each / 4" Standard $6.95

Dessert Shooters: 
$3.25-$4.50 each

Fruit & Pie Tarts: 
2” Tartlets $2.95 each - $3.25/ 4” Tarts $4.95 - $5.50 each

Mousse Tarts: 
2” Tartlets $3.25 - $3.50 each / 4” Tarts $5.65 - $5.95 each

Pie Pops: 
$3.50 each

2" $2.50-2.95 each / 4" $4.95-$5.25 each

Whoopie Pies: 
$2.95+ each

Mini 2": $2.25 - $2.50 / Standard 4.5": $3.95 - $4.20

Meringues & Meringue Pops:

Cookies/Sandwich Cookies:
$95 - $3.00

Eclaires & Creampuffs:
$1.65 - $3.95

$125 and up

Other dessert options  available upon request

Delivery/Set Up Fee: $125 and up

Standard Set up/Delivery for Dessert Tables: $125
This fee includes delivery to location (within 20 miles), as well as set up of all desserts. This fee is typical for dessert tables with a guest count of 85-150 with the arrangement/set up of 150-500 individual desserts. Additional fees will apply for larger dessert tables, additional staffing and increased mileage. On-site staffing may be required for station-based tables and large tables with parties of over 250 guests. 

Individual Dessert Set Up: $7 per 2 dozen
For small parties or dessert tables where rentals/table display will be provide by party or another vendor, we charge a set up/arrangement fee of $7 per 2 dozen desserts .

Return/Break Down Fee: $75

The return fee for break down/pick up of all inventory/rental items can be WAIVED if party wishes to return rental items. Sweet Fix will provide a box/bin with bubble wrap so that items can be safely stored following event. This box will include an inventory list with return instructions. (Items are typically returned that following Tuesday-Thursday 9AM -4:45PM)

If client does not wish to return items, then Sweet Fix can return for pick up of items during normal business hours (9AM-5PM). There is a $75 return/pick up fee within 20 miles. 

*Client will be responsible for the replacement value of any lost, stolen or damaged rental items. The estimated value of rental items will be included in contract & on inventory list/return instructions.

Inventory Rentals: $200 and up

Individually: $7-$45 each
Items can be loaned individually for small parties or wedding cakes. The rental fee of our items  range from $7-$45 each.
Choose from a wide variety of platters, dishes, trays, pedestals, crates, tiered displays and more. 
Due to necessary coordination, we do not offer individual inventory rentals for dessert tables. (see below)

Dessert Table: $175-$500
The rental fee for an entire Dessert Table display typically ranges from $175-$500. Rental items are grouped into a single fee, as items will be selected on a case-by-case basis and typically closer to event date to take advantage of new inventory/selections. Sweet Fix will work with your party style and choose items that best complement your event theme and color scheme. This rental fee includes the safe packaging and post-cleaning of items as well as in-house planning. Planning is necessary to ensure that we provide the appropriate number and size of display items to best showcase all of your tasty desserts and dessert varieties. We will also coordinate with you or your planner the appropriate table size that will accommodate all selections.. Increased rental may apply for larger parties and/or candy buffets.

Custom Styling: $250 and up

Custom styling is required for more thematic dessert tables. This fee includes initial consultation, theme development and the design, creation, print and collection of all visual elements including but not limited to; labels, cards, favors, backdrop, linens/runners, furniture/large display rentals, glassware, floral arrangements/centerpieces, table decor, packaging, etc. This fee allows us to create a table scape that complements your party style and ensures that your display is a unique centerpiece.