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Pretty Sweet is in the process of evaluating new hires, if you are a reative enthusatic individual who loves to BAKE! this job is for you. if you interested in working for pretty sweet please contact us through out Contact US page.

Our Philosophy

  • Pretty Sweet believes that quality, freshness and taste is just as important as the appearance of your cake.

  • We use the highest quality of ALL-natural (and organic as much as possible) ingredients, baked from scratch and completely hand-designed.

  • All of our cake recipes (including our gluten-free flour) have been developed by Pretty Sweet and are made fresh-to-order.

  • All of our cakes and desserts are made with real ingredients. (Real butter, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, lemon zest, fresh squeezed juices, fresh seasonal fruits, organic nuts, Dutch-process cocoa, top shelf liqueurs and more). We do NOT believe in artificial ingredients or using only extracts to flavor cakes. We DO NOT use shortening, imitation extracts or pre-made processed ingredients typically found in buttercream.

  • We make “dessert-style” wedding and special occasion cakes with European influenced buttercream. Pretty Sweet considers our cakes dessert-style because of the following:

    • All of our cakes, including 3D & sheet style cakes, are multi-layered cakes with top quality ingredients. Each of our cake tiers are made up of 4 torted layers of cake with 3 layers of buttercream filling and additional fillings upon request.

    • Our serving sizes are much larger than typical wedding cake serving sizes due to pan size and torting, which means a taller cake with larger portions. (5” tier height instead of 3” standard height).

    • No matter how large or complex the cake, we completely avoid the use of low-quality, preservative- filled and pre-made ingredients. All of our desserts, including multiple tiered wedding cakes, are made from scratch, FRESH-TO-ORDER.

    • Our wedding and special occasion cakes look the same on the inside as our non-customized dessert cakes, the only difference is the custom design on the outside. Be sure to look through our galleries to get an idea of what style of cake you would like.