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How far in advance should I place my order?

All of our cakes are made-to-order to meet each client’s unique specifications and to ensure freshness and quality. We typically require 3 weeks notice on all custom cake orders and recommend 6 months notice on wedding cakes. Less notice is required for non customized “dessert cakes”. Some weeks/months are less busy than others, so if you have a request that is for a week or more away, just send us an email and we will see what we can do! To help us learn more about your event details, cake vision and to check our availability, we recommend completing our Online Questionnaire /Contact Form prior to scheduling a consultation or sending an email!

How far do you deliver? Do you ship?

While we do not "ship" our cakes, we WILL travel with them! Our typical deliveries range between 10 minutes to 2.5 hours from us, however we have traveled many times across several state lines for our special clients. The minimum order amount will be based on location/mileage and are accepted on a case-by-case basis. If you are out of town/state and interested in a Sweet Fix cake for your wedding or special event, just ask! We typically suggest pick up on most small orders, but recommend delivery for cakes consisting of 3 or more tiers.

Can I just come in to sample your cakes or do I have to make an appointment?

Sweet Fix is a custom cake bakery and make all of our cakes and tastings fresh for each of our client orders and individual consultations. We offer our tastings in 2 ways. We do require a scheduled appointment for all of our cake tastings and consultations. Please no walk ins. Here is a link to our tasting options.

How do your cakes taste?

Ingredient quality is just as important to us as the craftsmanship of our designs. We also feel that the style of cake and recipe play an important part of the overall taste of a cake. All-natural, real, preservative-FREE ingredients, local and organic as much as possible and entirely-from-scratch are just a few words to describe our cake quality. European-meets Southern describes our style. Our buttercream of choice is Italian Meringue Buttercream which is incredibly different in texture, quality and taste than what is common in the South. Real butter, cane sugar and egg whites make up our subtle sweet, incredibly light and creamy buttercream (instead of the standard powdered sugar and vegetable shortening found in the South). Fresh berries, homemade curd, Dutch process cocoa, real vanilla beans, fresh lemon juice/lemon zest, fresh grated carrots, apples and coconut and so much more, make our cakes truly taste as good as they look. Our cakes are made-to-order and are only made as close to the time of serving/delivery to ensure freshness and quality.

Fondant vs. Buttercream?

Most traditional ivory/white cakes with basic textures and piping styles are done in buttercream. Stucco, smooth, striped spatula are just a few textures that are achieved with buttercream along with elegant lace, swirl, swiss dot, henna, ruffle and rosette piping. Some modern designs may not be able to be achieved with buttercream and therefore require fondant exterior. Metallic paint, elaborate piping and ruffles, 3D elements, cut and molded shapes, etc are examples of designs that typically require fondant. Fondant has a more smooth, matte finish than buttercream with slightly rounded corners vs crisp sharp edges made with buttercream. While edible metallic and pearlized paint cannot be used on buttercream, accents like edible pearls and any color ribbon can be used. It does not matter which flavor/color of cake batter or buttercream that you use on the inside of the cake, the exterior can be natural white/ivory or tinted to coordinate with the design/theme. If you have ever been told that fondant tastes bad or have had personal experience with “play-dough” tasting fondant, let us assure you that Sweet Fix uses an incredibly high quality fondant that taste more like white chocolate candy and receives wonderful reviews.

How much are your cake tastings and what do they entail?

All of our tasting info can be found on our pricing page here.

Is there a minimum order fee requirement?

All of our pricing information can be found on our pricing page here:

Is a deposit required to place an order?

For smaller custom cakes placed via email or phone, we do require a 50% deposit to hold the date of your event. This can be paid via credit card through a digital invoice emailed to you. The remaining 50% balance of pick up orders is due at the time of pick up. For wedding cakes, a payment is NOT due at the initial consultation. Instead, we will follow up a few days after our consultation with a detailed contract/quote and a custom designed sketch. At that time, a 50% deposit is required to reserve your wedding date. We cannot ensure the availability of your date after 5 days of your sent contract. The remaining balance for wedding cakes is due 2 weeks prior to your big day. Deposits are non-refundable.

Can you explain cake “tiers” and cake layers/”torting”?

“Torting” means to slice a baked cake into horizontal halves (or several horizontal slices). “Layers” are referred to as the torted cake slice (typically about 3/4” - 1” thick). Each of our cake “tiers” are roughly 5” tall and incorporate 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of buttercream filling. Most wedding cakes are several “tiers” tall.

What are “dessert cakes”?

While the interior quality, filling and torting is the same for all of our cakes, we use the term “dessert cake” to refer to a non-customized exterior. These cakes are typically decorated with buttercream or ganache and are made to compliment the cake flavor. Spices, chocolate curls, sprinkles and classic buttercream piping styles decorate these cakes.

Do you offer Gluten Free cakes or work with clients with allergy or dietary restrictions?

We do offer Gluten Free cakes and actually create our own Gluten Free flour in-house. We will work with many allergy or dietary restrictions including nut allergies and some dairy allergies. We no longer offer vegan or eggless cakes.

How much do you charge per slice and can you explain your serving size?

Please see our pricing page.

Is there a maximum flavor amount I can choose for my cake?

While there isn't a fixed maximum, we strongly suggest restricting yourself to two flavors. This makes the process for the catering staff infinitely easier, as well as lessens confusion for the guests. We reserve the right to charge a fee for extra flavors beyond two, at our discretion.

What fees are added after your base Price-Per-Serving Fee?

Typically for non-customized dessert cakes, there is no additional fee other than taxes and possible delivery. However for custom cakes and cakes with multiple tiers or 3D elements, a Custom Design Fee and Equipment Fee may apply. These design fees are based on the complexity of design and planning, time devoted to the creation of gum paste & fondant arrangements, piping details, hand-sculpting, supply cost and the number of adornments. The Equipment Fee includes cost of decorated cake board, dowels and separator plates and can include floral stakes and supplies as well as rental items (cake pedestals for example).

What about Anniversary tiers?

It is tradition to eat the top tier of a wedding cake after a year, provided it's frozen and stored properly. Additionally, an Anniversary tier makes the cake more of a centerpiece. We provide the lined packaging, including directions on how to store it. A note, when an Anniversary tier is ordered, the cutting into the cake is done at the base of the cake, not the top tier, so as to be able to store the tier undamaged.

Do you rent out equipment?

We offer a large assortment of pedestals, dishes, trays, etc... to complement the cake, style and theme of your event. These are typically delivered by us, but the responsibility lies with the client to return it within the next 5 business days or the full retail value will be charged. Rental prices range from $15-40, depending upon the item.

Can we put fresh flowers on the cake?

Fresh flowers are often used on cakes. When we do use fresh flowers, the florist is responsible for providing them, and we arrange them at the time of delivery. The flowers can be left at the cake table for us. We recommend placing additional order with the florist. Due to concerns regarding pesticides etc... we place them with floral spikes, so the plant rarely touches the cake itself.

Do you do dessert tables and small desserts?

At this time, we offer our desserts in increments of two dozen per dessert type/flavor. Small desserts can be ordered on their own for pick up at our bakery, added to an existing cake order, or ordered as an entire custom styled dessert table. We do require a minimum of $1200 for custom styled dessert tables. (This includes coordination, inventory rental, set up, placement, table design, print, etc)

Our Philosophy

  • Pretty Sweet believes that quality, freshness and taste is just as important as the appearance of your cake.

  • We use the highest quality of ALL-natural (and organic as much as possible) ingredients, baked from scratch and completely hand-designed.

  • All of our cake recipes (including our gluten-free flour) have been developed by Pretty Sweet and are made fresh-to-order.

  • All of our cakes and desserts are made with real ingredients. (Real butter, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, lemon zest, fresh squeezed juices, fresh seasonal fruits, organic nuts, Dutch-process cocoa, top shelf liqueurs and more). We do NOT believe in artificial ingredients or using only extracts to flavor cakes. We DO NOT use shortening, imitation extracts or pre-made processed ingredients typically found in buttercream.

  • We make “dessert-style” wedding and special occasion cakes with European influenced buttercream. Pretty Sweet considers our cakes dessert-style because of the following:

    • All of our cakes, including 3D & sheet style cakes, are multi-layered cakes with top quality ingredients. Each of our cake tiers are made up of 4 torted layers of cake with 3 layers of buttercream filling and additional fillings upon request.

    • Our serving sizes are much larger than typical wedding cake serving sizes due to pan size and torting, which means a taller cake with larger portions. (5” tier height instead of 3” standard height).

    • No matter how large or complex the cake, we completely avoid the use of low-quality, preservative- filled and pre-made ingredients. All of our desserts, including multiple tiered wedding cakes, are made from scratch, FRESH-TO-ORDER.

    • Our wedding and special occasion cakes look the same on the inside as our non-customized dessert cakes, the only difference is the custom design on the outside. Be sure to look through our galleries to get an idea of what style of cake you would like.